We welcome feedback from our clients about how their Autism assessment experience was for them.

“Many thanks for this. We’re so impressed with the quality of the report, the recommendations, and how fast it came back to us. If/when our youngest needs assessment in the future, we will definitely come back to you.” ZP – ADOS only assessment and report.

“Hi Jennifer and Meg, Thank you both so, so much for today, it hasn’t even been 4 hours and I’ve already recommended you to another parent. The relief is insurmountable, I feel like the tension is leaving my body after 2 years. Again, thank you both so, so much for making this as painless as you did – I am beyond impressed” GW – mother of pre-schooler in Kent

“From the initial phone call where I was a parent feeling hopeless and tired, crying going through my frustration, concerns and what I am looking for. I was listened to, properly listened to for the first time in a long time – they were reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. They explained the process and all paperwork was sent over quickly and they didn’t mind my multiple emails in one day! On the day of assessment they were warm and welcoming. Meg stayed with my daughter to complete her side while Jennifer was on video call with myself and my partner going through the questionnaire and additional information required. This was smooth and Meg just rolled with what when on, making my daughter the complete focus giving her the time and allowing her to feel comfortable throughout, even when my daughter wanted to come to us on video call. Later that day Jennifer called to explain the outcome, she knew what was going through my mind before I did and provided reassurance, explanation and a comprehensive reasoning.

I would recommend ConnectBlue, Meg and Jennifer 100%. I can not thank both of them enough, it’s the first step on a very long journey but their recommendations, their expertise has given us a really strong starting point.” AH – Mother of preschooler in Maidstone.
“Thankyou! so much for both of yours time and effort! I’m so pleased with how this process went and I can’t thank you both enough for the work you have done!” PS – Mother of preschooler in Maidstone.

“It is with great pleasure that I found you both to assist at a highly critical time. I believe that you went out of your way to slot [my daughter] in as a priority (for this I will always be grateful). I also found that you are both on common ground by setting your fees at reasonable levels that many can access your services. Many companies were charging extortionate rates that at one point I felt truly lost & could only pray for a solution. Thank you again for being that solution. May you both continue to change lives for the better in your chosen careers.” EC – Mother of teenager in Kent.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both for your support throughout this process. Although it’s been an emotional voyage of discovery for me and my family, it has been made a lot easier by the support & professionalism received from you both.” AR – Adult online assessment.

“Thankyou both again for everything and I hope we speak soon, I also hope you both are well and continue to help others with their diagnosis’s in the future knowing what a positive impact you have on families like mine.” P – mother of preschooler.

“Thank you Meg, and thank you for the wonderful way you conduct the assessment – we all felt totally at ease with the process and wish that could be the same for everyone. Thank you again.” HG – mother in Bromley.